Let's get the word out

Donate $1 or more so we can send our first mailer
Aloha kakou

Mahalo everyone – we hit our goal early! We have enough cash on hand to print a mailer. Now we need one more thing: $1. Your dollar will allow us to send the mailer to four voters. There are roughly 19,000 voters that we need to mail to, so we need help from 4,750 of our closest friends. Hiki ia’oe ke kokua? Can you help?

Here’s why this is important: on July 20, just three weeks away, more than 25% of the likely voters will mail in their absentee ballots. I’ve knocked on or called approximately 15,000 homes, but there are still many likely voters (who are primarily kupuna) who rely on the mail to get information, and who expect candidates to send mailers.

We need to share our concerns about the future of our island with our aunties and uncles who are likely voters. So please help me get the word to them by a small donation for postage. And if you can donate by Saturday midnight, we can count you in the key June 30 Campaign Spending report. Mahalo!