Come together

I’ve had the honor of going door-to-door within Kalihi, Kahauiki and Kapalama, and I’ve met wonderful people who have shared stories about their lives and their visions for our community. Our communities are full of leaders: mothers and fathers who have raised independent children; aunties who feed keiki and uncles who shelter veterans; fixers of sidewalks; future legislators; fishers of men; cooks, dog-watchers and bus drivers; valleys full of leaders who are moving our community forward.

Come to celebrate these community leaders in a series of “purok” (Ilokano for neighborhood) meals this week at homes throughout State House District 28. These will be simple meals – our goal is primarily to feed our need for community and secondarily to feed our stomaches. Here’s the schedule. You can click on the links below to RSVP, or shoot us an email at

Monday 7pm
Kalihi Valley Homes at Aunty Sandra’s House

Tuesday 7pm
2257 Kula Kolea Drive

Wednesday 7pm
1517 Meyers Street

Thursday 7pm
1579 Moani Street

Friday 7pm
Location TBA